Our products

Our operating temperature reaches 1800°C

RATH specializes in the manufacture of the highest quality base materials and finished products, with customized form creation. Our specialty is refractory materials for temperatures up to 1800°C, and temperatures up to 1000°C for hot gas filtration. We carry out research and development in our own labs and manufacture everything from the base materials to the component in our in-house production facilities.

FIREPROOF UP TO 1800 °C Dense Bricks

Our dense bricks are characterized by high resistance and dimensional stability. Even acids and corrosive environments cannot harm them. These properties and their high thermal shock resistance mean they are suitable for application virtually anywhere in refractory technology.

FIREPROOF UP TO 1800 °C Pre-Cast Blocks

Our preformed concrete parts are the first choice when complex geometries are required for refractory parts, for example in the glass and metal industries. Their high chemical resistance and abrasion resistance make them an ideal refractory material.

FIREPROOF UP TO 1800 °C Insulating Fire Bricks

When low thermal conductivity combined with stability is required, our refractory bricks are the product of choice. They are used in the ceramics, cement and steel industries, for example. Practically everywhere where thermal insulation is required.

UP TO 1650 °C High Temperature Insulation Wool

Our high temperature insulation wool - super lightweight but still fireproof. It is used in the form of many mats and modules, in combination with traditional fireproof materials in many types of furnaces for particularly effective insulation. A significant advantage is the virtually infinite thermal shock resistance and ease of installation.

FIREPROOF UP TO 1800 °C Vacuum Formed Shapes

Vacuum-formed products are made of high temperature wool and can be used both in oxidizing and reducing kiln atmospheres. Their finish determines their heat resistance and their application.