Photovoltaic system at the Krummnußbaum plant: Improved energy efficiency, fewer CO₂ emissions.


RATH Group attaches great importance to the efficient, resource-friendly use of materials and a sustainable approach to the environment in the manufacture of its products. As the energy consumption of the company is a key factor when it comes to saving resources, we are constantly focusing on improving the energy efficiency of our production sites. This also applied to our plant in Krummnußbaum, Lower Austria, where we launched a photovoltaic power plant in 2020 – the 696 kWp system was constructed on our factory roofs and generates around 700 MWh per year. It currently enables us to supply around 20% of our daily electricity requirements with solar energy. Additionally, it will reduce our CO₂ emissions by around 350 tons per year.

In future, around 97% to 99% of the electricity produced annually by these two systems will be consumed directly at the plant. By means of an intelligent control unit from Ökovolt, power, supply, self-consumption as well as feed-in and total consumption can be measured in real time. Surplus energy will be fed into separate appliances over the weekend.

The topic of e-mobility is also important to us and as part of this project, the Krummnußbaum site has been equipped with two e-charging stations, as well as a charging station for e-bikes.

The photovoltaic system was co-financed by the province of Lower Austria with funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (