• Mature refractory solutions for the aluminium industry

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  • The Elements Under Control

    Rath refractory products are just as customized as our customer’s demands are.

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  • High Glass

    Emhart Glass System – Now a part of RATH

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  • Hot Gas Filtration

    Consulting expertise & the highest quality standards.

    Solutions for hot gas filtration

Well thought-out solutions perfectly designed


RATH combines tradition and innovation in a unique way. Our extensive product portfolio is made in-house at our facilities. By using select materials and precise processing techniques, we guarantee the highest quality. This results in perfectly suitable refractory solutions for a wide variety of applications in refractory construction, refractory insulation or blast furnace construction. Fireproof your business by working with us.

  • Smooth production, optimal results: RATH Emhart Glass System

    With the acquisition of the Bucher Emhart Glass production facility in Owensville (USA) which produces refractory materials for the container glass industry, RATH is now the original equipment manufacturer for original Emhart feeder refractory parts. The refractory system, called RATH Emhart Glass System, enables optimal results and smooth production.

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  • Aluminium competence starts with an "E" like Engineering

    Whether it involves primary or secondary aluminum extraction, our process is divided into four steps:

    Engineering | Installation | Commissioning | Maintenance & Servicing

    With its expertise in aluminum, Rath covers the complete range of aggregates for primary and secondary aluminum production.

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  • As glass-making is simply a hot topic…

    More than 125 years of experience in refractory technology have made one thing crystal clear: We are at home wherever heat-resistant materials are essential.

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Competent. Reliable. Safe.

RATH Group

RATH stands for refractory expertise. For more than 125 years, the RATH Group has combined material knowledge, application expertise and personal consulting under a single roof. Whether your needs involve refractory technology, furnace construction or industrial kiln construction, we know that when it comes to mastering high temperatures, in addition to top quality, many years of expertise, state-of-the-art technology, reliability and trust are also required. Values that our customers around the world share.

As an Austrian company, we are available on a daily basis to you. Whether your needs involve refractory technology, furnace construction or industrial kiln construction, we look forward to assisting you with a comprehensive range of products and services and customized solutions, which are all ISO 9001 certified, of course.

550 specialists around the world
127 years of experience
7500 solutions implemented over 20 years

As unique as your requirements

Our products

RATH specializes in refractory technology with a comprehensive product range of refractory materials for application temperatures up to 1800°C. Whether you need insulation wool, dense bricks, pre-cast blocks or firebricks for kiln construction, we have the right products for you.

Our services

We take personal care of your needs, from planning to final installation.

We provide solutions for specific requirements by precisely planning, drawing and calculating the equipment in our planning offices. RATH customers receive a standardized construction plan for the equipment, after which the equipment can be installed either by our staff or by third-party companies. In many cases, RATH also handles the supervision of installment by third-party staff so that the construction is guaranteed according to strict quality requirements.


Innovation is part of RATH's daily business


Curiosity about the next development has always burned in RATH employees. They have always conducted the research regarding what more could be done beyond what already exists, and how things can be improved, and they have always put all of their efforts into realizing these innovations. This is the spirit that still shines at RATH today. Also known as a leader in innovation.




State-of-the-art technology, products manufactured in-house and highly competent employees prove that quality is not just a buzzword at RATH, but a living corporate culture. Our employees work on your refractory solution for as long as it takes to provide you with the optimal fit.

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On-site service

Production sites

We are in close proximity to our customers. Geographical proximity, service and customer-focused company structure, and individual problem solutions ensure fast and reliable services.