Carath® FL insulating concretes

Unformed products

Insulating fired concretes


Fireproof insulating concretes cover the entire range of applications up to 1800°C. The range contains well-matched products in terms of the optimum material density for minimal high temperature head conduction. 
A variety of raw materials is used for this purpose:
- Perlite
- Expanded clay
- Vermiculite
- Lightweight fireclay
- Silicate hollow spheres
- Aluminum oxide hollow spheres

In addition, Rath insulating concretes are characterized by high thermal shock resistance and the best refractory properties. Carath FL is processed by vibration. 

Carthgun FL is heat-insulating gunned concrete, which finds versatile application as a rear insulation for dense gunned concretes on construction sites that are difficult or impossible to achieve through casting or vibroforming of other concretes.