Korrath® corundum bricks

Dense bricks


Korrath bricks are high alumina clay refractory bricks for application in extreme conditions. The alumina content is primarily achieved by using pure synthetic types of corundum, such as white corundum and tabular alumina. Special refractory clays, special clays and pure silicilic acid modifications characterize the bond.
Through product-specific and format-specific high temperature firing, the corundum bricks have a high temperature-resistant mullite bond, a mullite-corundum bond or a pure corundum bond (Korrath K 99 and Korrath C 99).
The application temperatures reach 1800°C for the mullite bond and up to 1900°C for corundum bond bricks, such as Korrath K 99 and Korrath C 99. The range of applications of the bricks covers almost all industrial sectors where high temperature processes are used and in which increased resistance to aggressive slags and atmospheres, as well as lot hot pressure flow and good thermal shock resistance are required.
These requirements are found in the chemical industry and in the production of soot, among other areas. The addition of chromium oxide, zirconium oxide and phosphates is used to produce highly flexible bricks for the treatment of thermal residues and gasification reactors.