High temperature insulation wool


Paper made of high temperature insulation wool is used as an aid in refractory lining and undergoes a longitudinal sieving process with the addition of small amounts of inorganic and organic binders, such as latex.


This results in elastic papers, which are available in thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 6 mm as rolled goods. The further processing takes place by cutting (to strips of different width and length) or stamping.

According to the raw material base contained in the paper, the papers are designated as follows:
‒ Altra® KP papers are based on polycrystalline wool
‒ Alsitra® KP papers are based on aluminum silicate wool
‒ Calsitra® CP papers based on alkaline earth silicate wool

Altra® KP paper is characterized by its high temperature resistance and its very smooth surface. For this reason, it is used in processes in which damage to the surface of the product must be avoided (glass fusing).