ACS ALTRA® composite system

Vacuum-formed products


The ACS lining system consists of laminated composite moldings, from which insulations in high-temperature furnaces can be easily built with low installation effort.


The refractory materials can be combined in such a way that a lining with optimized thermal, physical, and chemical properties is produced.
Thus, the particular requirements, e.g. for the furnace roof, the furnace walls or the furnace floor, can be met flexibly and effectively.

‒ customized furnace sizes and formats possible
‒ higher throughput times due to rapid furnace cycles
‒ radiation safety over a long time period
‒ construction stability, even with material cracks
‒ repair of individual segments may be possible
‒ efficient energy consumption
‒ overall higher productivity

‒ Lab furnaces
‒ Industrial production furnaces for:
‒ ceramics,
‒ electronics and 
‒ medical devices