Alurath® high-alumina bricks

Dense bricks


Alurath M - mullite bricks
The consistent composition with the ideal mullite content and the high chemical purity ensure the suitability of mullite bricks for extreme conditions. These are used in applications in the chemical industry, the glass industry and in incinerators for heavily contaminated substances and gases. Under these conditions, Alurath M is extremely volume-stable and chemically resistant. Slags are not absorbed by the bricks; instead, they combine with the mullite bricks to form an additional protective layer to further prevent wear.

Alurath B – bauxite bricks
Alurath B bricks are high alumina bricks made of high-fired sintered bricks and select refractory clays. To increase the chemical resistance, the range includes phosphate-containing types (Alurath B 78 C, Alurath B 85 C, Alurath B 80 C) and special types with high resistance to light metal melts (Alurath B 85 AC and Alurath B 80 C). The fields of application include the liquid steel sector, the aluminum industry, the cement industry, and the lime industry.

Alurath SP - spinel bricks 
Alurath SP bricks are high alumina products made of synthetic magnesia spinels that have a high clay content. They are among the well-known refractory products and they are particularly suitable in contact with liquid metals, under reducing conditions and under the impact of alkali and alkaline earth compounds in continuously operated furnaces. The thermal shock resistance achieves a comparatively high level for this brick class. For contact with liquid steel, Rath spinel bricks can also be supplied tar-soaked, tempered with approx. 4.5% carbon content. This cuts the open porosity of the bricks in half.