Silrath® sillimanite bricks

Dense bricks


Silrath bricks are made of sillimanite materials with a binding matrix of special clays, refractory clays and micronized sillimanites.
The product ranges includes a wide variety of products with various AI203 content, low-iron products with the highest CO resistance (Silrath S 65) and a product (Silrath AK 60 C) with phosphate additive to enhance resistance to slagging.
RATH sillimanite bricks are pre-high burned and are therefore particularly volume-stable in high temperature applications. Despite the high burning, varieties with remarkably low open porosity and excellent thermal shock resistance are available in the range.
Sillimanite bricks are used in liquid steel and in the non-ferrous metal industry for direct metal contact. Rath sillimanite bricks are ideally suited for problem solutions in the glass industry, the cement industry and in thermal waste recycling, for processes with rapid temperature changes, in biomass incinerators and in ceramic kilns.