HIGH GLASS – the complete range of high-quality refractory materials –
incl. the Emhart Glass System

Your benefits:
•    Highest refractory quality – for crystal-clear results
•    Tailor-made solutions for your requirements
•    Advisory expertise in industrial glass applications



Expertise and service



For perfect glass processing with crystal-clear results, only high-purity raw materials are permitted for the refractory parts when it comes to purchasing and quality assurance at RATH. From melting tanks to nozzles, our application engineers ensure that every single component is absolutely true to size and meets the chemical and thermal requirements. The purity and the surface quality of the components, in particular, are top priorities for our refractory experts and are ensured in the RATH laboratories by our certified staff.

Complete Range

Our products have been developed to withstand the highest temperatures, as well as chemical and mechanical loads. As a system supplier, RATH offers a comprehensive range of sintered alumina and zircon products, as well as all kinds of thermal insulation products. Our products are suitable for all types of glass melting furnaces, melting tanks, regenerators and distribution tanks. In the forehearth sector too, we can offer you complete refractory solutions from feeder roots to drip rings.


Our highly qualified experts, engineers and technicians for industrial glass applications have the necessary expertise to develop the most powerful refractory materials – tailored to your individual requirements .


Your specific solution


We can cover the complete glass manifacturing process and supply refractory and thermal insulation materials for regenerator chambers, furnaces, manifolds, forehearths and the Original Emhart Glass System for feeder wear parts.


Tell us what you need to produce – we’ll give you the solution.