High-quality thermal insulation up to 1400 °C<br>at a smart price.



ULTIFORM is a new high-performance insulating material (vacuum-formed shape) consisting of non-classified polycrystalline wool, fillers, and organic as well as inorganic binders.

Your benefits
• Ideal for applications up to 1400 °C
• Top quality at a smart price
• Environmentally sound use


ULTIFORM® – The ultimate solution
up to 1400 °C

ULTIFORM vacuum-formed shapes have excellent corrosion resistance, very low thermal conductivity, and good thermal shock resistance. The vacuum-formed shapes can be easily processed and have a very smooth surface. Various finishing classes determine the applicability of the vacuum-formed shapes.
The maximum classification temperature is up to 1400 °C.


• Thermal insulation in laboratory furnaces
• Thermal insulation in thermal analyzers
• Thermal insulation in dental furnaces
• Thermal insulation in industrial furnaces
• Foundry equipment
• Kiln furniture

Your perfect solution


RATH covers a wide range of applications with its vacuum-formed shapes, e.g. in the field of special furnaces.