Successful RATH Projects Start with an “E” as in Engineering

Detailed planning is the be-all and end-all of every fireproof lining project—this is true in the aluminum industry as well. At RATH, you’ll get top-of-the-line support from our engineering experts. Thanks to their decades of experience, they know the processes in play, are aware of the requirements of the furnaces down to the last detail, and can therefore use this as a basis to develop the optimal fireproof liner.

As early as the mid-1980s, RATH has burned for the aluminum industry: More than 300 systems have been planned and constructed since then—with a focus on scrap metal smelting furnaces and die-cast foundries—allowing RATH to gain comprehensive knowledge of the challenges in this industry. It’s the perfect starting point to optimally support customers in extracting primary and secondary aluminum.

Every liner design is based on the heat transition calculation in order to determine an ideal wall structure. The goal is optimal thermal insulation combined with ideal positioning of the solidification point. The RATH engineering experts have extensive knowledge of the various alloys and the thermodynamic processes in this regard. One particular challenge is designing the necessary elongation for particularly large furnaces. As a manufacturer, RATH has access to all the data needed to make the calculations.

An additional huge benefit RATH brings to the table is that there’s just one person responsible for each project. RATH customers can trust in the person in charge of their project, who will be an expert contact from the planning stage through delivery and all the way to assembly and commissioning. In addition, this guarantees that no information will be lost throughout the entire course of the project.