Control of emissions from furnaces used in the manufacture/processing of flat and hollow glass, glass fibre and special or technical glasses.

Emissions from glass plants can vary significantly from plant to plant depending on the raw materials, manufacturing process and type of fuels used to fire the glass furnaces.  Typical pollutants range from particulate matter (PM) and acid gases (HCl, HF and SOx) to CO and NOx. Here, traditional ESP and fabric filters solutions - with sorbent injection (for dust and SOx control) and tail-end SCR systems (for DeNOx) - are now being challenged by state-of-the-art catalytic candle filter (CCF) technology such as FILTRATH®CAT which offers the ultimate “all-in-one” emissions control solution for the glass industry. Alternatively, non-catalytic FILTRATH® technology can be used together with regular SCR systems.