Refractory competence for the glass industry

Glass production

With a full range of refractory and thermal insulation products, Rath covers the requirements for all types of glass melting tanks, regenerative U-flame pans, cross-flame pans, recuperative pans, oxy-fuel pans, electric cans, and complete forehearths and regenerators.

Rath offers the right refractory and thermal insulation material for the construction and operation of all types of melting tanks, gutters and connected aggregates from the various areas of glass production:

- flat glass

- Glass for solar technology

- Container Glass

- Glass fiber

- Technical glass

- Lighting Glass

- crystal glass

- plate glass

- Art Glass

The Rath range for the glass industry includes both dense bricks, concrete moldings, concretes, mortars, refractory bricks, vacuum-formed slabs and mats made from high-temperature wool.

Dense stones and concrete moldings are fired at high temperature. The individual parts are - depending on their position in the oven or in the forehearth - processed and pre-assembled as needed.

Rath has already supplied refractory linings for almost all well-known manufacturers and plant manufacturers in the glass industry. The complete refractory system is first built by Rath at the factory in order to ensure quality even before final assembly at the customer.

Whenever safety, reliability and longevity are concerned, Rath is the best choice.