As glass-making is simply a hot topic…

More than 125 years of experience in refractory technology have made one thing crystal clear: We are at home wherever heat-resistant materials are essential. This naturally also applies to the glass industry, for which we have developed a comprehensive range of refractory and heat-insulating products during the past 20 years. For when it comes to the production of glass, the leading glass manufacturers and plant builders demand refractory linings that ensure safety, stability and durability.

The glass industry is growing, and it is on the upswing thanks to increased environmental awareness and new technologies, but also thanks to particularly booming sectors such as the automotive sector in Asia. One typical feature of glass production, however, is its great diversity: Container glass, glass for solar technology, technical glass, flat glass, glass fiber, lighting glass, crystal glass, sheet glass, art glass. As a specialist for all glass applications, RATH can also offer the right refractory and thermal insulation materials for the construction and operation of all types of melting ends, channels and connected aggregates. Accordingly, the RATH range comprises pre-cast blocks, dense bricks, lightweight insulating bricks, concretes, grouts and vacuum-formed parts as well as high-temperature wool.

In addition to these decades of experience, what has helped us achieve our current market position is that we see ourselves not just as a supplier but also as a partner for the glass industry. For: In our eyes, even the very best refractory and heat-insulating products are only half the battle. It is essential that we provide comprehensive consultation to customers – both end customers and plant builders – on the refractory lining of the plants. Our customers are primarily small and medium-sized enterprises, and since the expansion of our glass competence center in Hungary we have also been tackling ever larger projects.