Carathplast® plastic castables

Unformed products

Carathplast castables are ready-to-use plastic castables that are delivered in batches. 

Carathplast - plastic composites with a basis of refractory clays
The binding matrix consists of high quality refractory clays and additives that determine the processing properties and the chemical hardening. They are used where the calcium oxide-containing binding of the fired concretes is not recommended due to chemical reasons, such as in sulfur combustion. 
With Carathplast, individual components can also be tamped, e.g. for small series. After pre-firing, you get components that can be optimally combined with pressed dense shaped bricks. 

Carathplast - Tamped composites with a basis of fired concretes
Carathplast tamped composites are cement-free, chemically setting special composites. 
They are preferred if, due to reasons of chemical resistance, hydraulically bound fired concretes are overburdened, e.g. with high acid loads and halogen loads. 
The processing can also be done by dry spraying. In these cases, the type completed with binder must be requested.