The extreme operating temperatures combined with reducing atmosphere, water quenching and high gas velocities require he highest possible quality refractory materials. These are based on synthetic tabular- , or fused alumina with addition of Zr oxide to cope with thermal cycling.
RATH has done extensive research & testing and has developed 2 leading products which are successfully used in numerous reactors worldwide.

  • KORRATH K 99 E – made from white fused alumina (WFA), it is our premium product to cope with the most severe operating parameters. The use of WFA results in higher density and refractoriness as well as lower creep and better corrosion resistance.
  • KORRATH K 99 – made from tabular alumina (synthetic sintered alumina ) it provides great thermal shock resistance and is our premium product to line the quench zone as well as most other parts of the reactor.


Our highly qualified experts, engineers and technicians have the necessary expertise to develop the most powerful refractory materials – tailored to your individual technical and economic requirements.
From High-prescision and extremely resistant products to economically interesting products for less demanding.