The new RATH 4xx feeder expendable series

The further development of refractory compositions is a challenge that RATH is taking on with great commitment:

The new feeder expendable series is the next generation of the previous RATH 3xx feeder expendable series: a new product series based on an innovative formulation which has been exclusively developed and produced by RATH and has been put through its paces in our laboratories and has successfully passed the first glass factory trials in the last 2 years.

From better crack and thermal shock resistance to longer service life

The new expendable series is produced using a hybrid technology, which brings some significant advantages.

While the previous 3xx mixes – like the well known 333, 315, 301, 338, 345, etc. –
were produced using the slipcasting technique, the FOURATH 4xx mixes are produced using a so-called hybrid technology. RATH uses the same mold park, but casting is no longer done via slipcasting; instead, a special vibrocasting technology is used.

This special technology brings some significant advantages for our customers:

Improved product quality – due to a more compact mix and better surface quality

We selected the highest quality raw materials in order to keep the impurity level to a minimum.

Increased service life

With the new manufacturing technology  the additional grinding, e. g. of the tube`s outer surface, can be avoided. Thus we are able to increase the service life of the tube.

Improved crack and thermal shock resistance

Due to the aforementioned developments, the thermal shock resistance has also significantly improved, and the risk of cracking is lower than ever

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