Applications for refractory products

Refractory products in all sectors

Based on its own production, RATH can offer a wide range of products for almost all production and service sectors where high temperature processes are carried out and high wear resistance is required. In industry, these primarily include metal, ceramic or glass production, chemical plants and incinerators. However, some of our products, such as fireclay bricks, are also used for furnace construction in the retail sector. Please contact us if you are looking for tailor-made high temperature solutions for your company.

Chemicals & petrochemicals

Fuels, Energy and Chemicals

Tiled furnace construction


For tiled furnace construction in your own plant, the RATH Group produces the RHS potter's fireclay, which is produced in our modern production facilities, both in the extrusion process and in the dry pressing process. The result is a particularly high quality fireclay with a long service life, high heat storage and optimum delivery of healthy radiant heat.

In order to ensure compliance with all the requirements of Standard B 8306, production is continuously monitored by an independent testing institute.

For special tasks, the RATH Group also offers special fireclay and supports you in the planning as well as the calculation of projects based on your individual needs.

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