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Altra - Polycrystalline wool

Altra are polycrystalline wool (PCW) of high purity with excellent thermal and mechanical properties. Produced in a sol-gel process, it is possible with the process technology of Rath to manufacture fibres with different alumina content and crystal phases for specific applications.

Beside all well-known advantages of high temperature insulation wools Altra has a very strong resistance against chemical attac and corrosive atmospheres.

Highly sophisticated systems of production and control ensure strict observance of a small range of fibre diameter distribution and reduction of non-fibre amounts (shots) to a minimum.

Altra bulk fibre can be supplied in various fibre length, cut or milled according to the requirements of the customer.

Properties of polycrystalline wool

Altra B 72

Today, the value of high grade mullite fibre high performance material in the sector of high temperature insulation is undisputed. Superior temperature resistance and mechanical properties characterise this product.

Altra B 97

Due to its elevated alumina content this fibre is resistant to chemical attacks, reducing atmospheres and vacuum.

Altra B 80

Altra B80 are used for the production of modules and in the vacuum forming process, which significantly increases the economy of heat insulating systems. The resistance to chemical attack can be traced to the elevated alumina content in comparison to Altra B72.