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High temperature insulation wool up to 1650˚C

Ultra-light, efficient refractory solution

High temperature insulating wools are ultra-light insulating materials whose properties provide the most effective form of heat insulation in the furnace construction industry. Rath has been producing products such as wool, mats, punched parts and modules for over 20 years now. They can be used to insulate against temperatures of up to 1650°C.

Included under the term high temperature insulating wool (HTIW) are products made out of synthetic mineral wools suitable for use as heat insulating materials at temperatures in excess of 600°C. High temperature insulating wool (HTIW) is a synthetically produced aggregate of fibres of different lengths and diameters made out of mineral-based raw materials.

The advantages of high temperature insulation wool

Through a targeted combination of chemical and physical properties, high temperature insulation wool has excellent energy-reducing effects and thereby reduces costs in energy-intensive processes. Compared to other refractory materials, in high temperature applications it is more economical and more environmentally friendly:

  • faster construction and repairs
  • lower maintenance costs
  • faster furnace cycles
  • high thermal shock resistance
  • low thermal conductivity
  • high chemical resistance
  • lower gas consumption
  • lower CO2 emissions